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The Ethics Channel is an exclusive channel created for secure and, if desired, anonymous reporting of any, even if only alleged, breach (a) of the Code of Conduct and other policies and of Bemobi Mobile Tech SA and its controlled companies (“Company”), and/or (b) of any legislation or regulations in force in the places where the Company operates.

The Ethics Channel is available to all Company employees, as well as to any other person, including business partners, suppliers and service providers.

The Company holds confidentiality and absolute secrecy with regard to complaints and information sent through the Ethics Channel. All information and personal data received will also be handled in accordance with the relevant data protection laws.

The Company also warrants that it does not adopt mechanisms to track whistleblowers. Nevertheless, the Company may use cookies to compile anonymous and aggregated statistics. For more information, see our cookie policy.

The Company protects all bona fide communicators. Any attitudes that represent retaliation or embarrassment to those reporting in good faith are strictly prohibited, and the appropriate disciplinary measures must be applied. Communications made to the Ethic Channel will be received by the head of the Company’s compliance department and by the Audit and Risk Committee, which has a member of the Company’s Board of Directors.

It is important to detail as much information as possible so that the report can be effectively investigated.
This channel must be used exclusively for reporting concerns related to ethical conduct and compliance with the law, regulations and internal policies of the Company. If you need additional information, please contact the Company’s Compliance Department at

    Data to be reported: